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MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Ethereum Index Licensed to 3iQ Ether Fund

Crypto- and blockchain – focuse2020 was a challenging year overall, but with skyrocketing bitcoin (BTC) prices and institutional investors entering the crypto market, we are about to start a new era for the crypto and blockchain industry, or maybe it’s already started?

Dec 11 × 2020

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Index to underlie the Ether Fund on Toronto Stock Exchange

Frankfurt (10 December 2020) – MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) in partnership with CryptoCompare, the global leader in digital asset data, announced the licensing of the MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Ethereum Index (ticker: MVIETH) to 3iQ Corp. for their Ether Fund (TSX:QETH.U). With MVIS’ index as underlying, 3iQ now offers an Ether fund listed on Toronto Stock Exchange and priced in USD for Canadian investors. It was built to provide investors with exposure to the digital asset Ethereum and the daily price movements of the U.S. dollar price of Ethereum, and the opportunity for long-term capital appreciation.

“We are proud to expand our Digital Asset Index family with the launch of the MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Ethereum Index and its licensing to 3iQ,” said Steven Schoenfeld, CEO of MV Index Solutions. “This launch advances our industry-leading position in cryptocurrency benchmarks, and further confirms our role as a trusted partner to innovative product issuers in this dynamic space,” he continued.

The MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Ethereum Index (ticker: MVIETH) is an index designed to measure the performance of a digital assets portfolio which invests in Ethereum, priced on selected exchanges.

Quynh Tran-Thanh, Head of Indices and Investable Instruments of CryptoCompare commented: “We are excited to provide 3iQ Corp. with a premium measure of market performance for their product. The launch of this fully regulated fund marks yet another milestone in the advancement of global exposure to innovative digital asset products.”

Our charter at 3iQ is to bring digital assets to the listed markets with the help of best-in-class service providers like MVIS. The new product is the next step in our company’s journey” said Tom Lombardi, Managing Director of 3iQ.

The MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Ethereum Index is a robust and transparent benchmark for Ethereum. Launched on 6 August 2020, it is a rules-based index, intended to give investors a means of tracking the performance of Ethereum on selected exchanges, which are ranked on the basis of CryptoCompare’s Exchange Benchmark. These exchanges include Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Gemini, itBit and Kraken.

Detailed information about the indices, including methodology details and index data, is available on the MV Index Solutions website.

Key Index Features

MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Ethereum Index
Number of Components: 1
Base Date: 12/31/2015
Base Value: 100

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