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The New Chapter of Blockchain Centre

Dear Blockchain Centre partners, employees, clients, and friends,

Tadas Maurukas — CEO & Co-Founder of Blockchain Centre

Let me share a story — a short first chapter of the Blockchain Centre after its restructuring.

In mid-2021, Blockchain Centre had zero employees, zero contracts, zero revenue, and zero active partners. 

Inspired by the success of some blockchain leaders and visionaries, I have decided to take charge and restructure the whole business model of Blockchain Centre. I’ve put together the founding management team – Arnas Sviderskas, Ada Jonuse, and Gintautas Nekrosius who were naive and crazy enough to share their expertise, dedication, and power and join the part-time team to operate Blockchain Centre as a side hustle.

And now, a little more than a year later, I am happy to announce that the current contract value of Blockchain Centre exceeded 16 million USD and many close relationships were established with leading blockchain world players, universities, and tech companies. We put together an all-star team of 10 highly skilled allrounders. A team that I was honored to lead. A team that I can call my family.

Blockchain Centre team during the “Play & Gain” hackathon

Partnership with Vilnius Tech

The rapid growth of the Blockchain Centre and my recent appointment as the CEO of Lympo, one of the Animoca Brands portfolio companies, require drastic changes in focus.
I can clearly understand that a part-time CEO position in either organization is no longer an option. That is why I decided to delegate a more competent CEO – Gintautas Nekrošius – who will take the Blockchain Centre to new heights, and instead focus my full time and energy on delivering the best experiences and products, such as Anichess, for the whole Lympo ecosystem.

I am still very enthusiastic and care for Blockchain Centre and its success. I will remain involved in the organization as the Strategy Chairman and help drive the company’s vision. I trust that the whole team is in exceptional hands as Gintautas has proven over and over again to be able to create magical results in various situations.

Gintautas Nekrošius – the new CEO of Blockchain Centre

I am fortunate enough to have had this chapter that allowed me to meet remarkable people, rebuild a tremendous organization, and simultaneously grow as a teacher and a student at a rapid pace — what a time to be alive.

Team members of Blockchain Centre and Lympo

Best regards, 

Tadas Maurukas

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