Summary of Past Week Articles March 17, 2023

March 20, 2023 • 4 minutes read

Bitcoin and Lightning Network Dev Courses Launched in El Salvador:

The El Salvador government has announced that they are launching two new courses on Bitcoin (BTC) and Lightning Network development.

The dev training program, the first of its kind, is called CUBO+, and it will last several months. The best and brightest computer science students will get the opportunity to receive training from the biggest names in Bitcoin. 

For the inaugural class in 2023, the CUBO+ will partner with the Soyapango University of Don Bosco. The government has also announced their plan to expand the program in the coming years to include more high schools and universities across El Salvador.

The El Salvador government has said that the development has been a result of the progress that the El Salvador Bitcoin Embassy in Lugano, Switzerland has made.

Since the BTC legal tender passed in 2021, the BTC market has experienced prolonged periods of volatility. 

EV Drivers Can Now Pay With Crypto and Earn Carbon Credits:

C+Charge, an ambitious crypto project, is working to make charging of electric vehicles (EV) more accessible and transparent. 

Using the latest, cutting-edge scalable blockchain technology, C+Charge is on a mission to make the EV charging process more streamlined and rewarding. The project has already raised $2.8 million and its aim is to allow users to pay for EV charging while earning credit points.

The C+Charge project aims to fully integrate into 1.8 million stations worldwide by creating an ecosystem native $CCHG, which will be used as a utility token. 

What’s more, C+Charge is introducing another new feature – Carbon Credits. Through a reflection program, the app would track charging usage and enable users to accumulate Carbon Credits. 

In turn, they would see 1% of transactional volume, which, after being reserved for Carbon Credit purchases, would be redistributed to their digital wallets.

Flash Loan Attack at Euler Finance Causes $195M Loss:

Euler Finance, an Ethereum-based landing protocol, has suffered a flash loan attack, which has resulted in a loss of $195 million worth of digital assets.

According to the crypto analytic firm, Meta Sleuth, the losses occurred over six transactions in Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), dai (DAI), Staked Ether (sETH), and USDC. 

What’s more, the company claimed that the attack was carried out by two hackers and that it is related to the deflation attack, which took place one month ago.

According to preliminary investigation, to transfer the funds from the BNB Smart Chain to Ethereum, the attackers used a multichain bridge.

The hack, which caused a loss of around $196 million, has become the biggest attack in 2023. 

In recent times, flash loan attacks have been on the rise because they allow attackers to conduct exploits and gain funds on decentralized systems. In the past year, the crypto industry suffered massive losses, totalling around $4 billion worth of digital assets.

Brazilian Football Players Fall Victim to Crypto Scam:

Two top Brazilian footballers have initiated legal proceedings against a company after losing millions to a crypto scam.

Mayke Rocha de Oliveira, the right back for Palmeiras São Paulo, Brazil and Gustavo Scarpa, a midfielder for Nottingham Forest, have launched a legal suit. The suit is against a firm named WLJC that claims to do consultancy and financial planning.

The two players claim that they made a $2 million investment last May, following WLJC advice. Mayke and Scarpa claim that  WLJC had told them to expect profits of 3.5%–5% a month on their stakes.

However, the Brazilian players say that they never saw the profit and moreover, they were not able to withdraw their funds. 

Both Mayke and Scarpa claim that they were introduced to the project by Willian Bigode, who currently plays for Fluminese and operates the company. The players’ legal team asks for Bigode to be brought to the court and return their funds. 

However, according to Bigode’s legal team, he did not act in bad faith and he himself has fallen victim to the Xland scheme. Bigode’s team claims that he has lost around $3.4 million in investment.

Metropoly Surpasses $820,000 as Presale on the NFT Real Estate Platform Increases:

Metropoly, a real estate platform, has managed to raise more than $820,000 in an exceptional presale performance.

Despite a challenging market situation, Metropoly has managed to fundraise more than $820,000 in its presale. 

With a minimum investment of $100 using USDT, ETH, and BNB, investors can purchase the METRO Token. It is an ERC-20 utility token with a total supply of one billion and its current rate is $0.0624 per token.

Early presale participants can get access to The Platinum Member’s Club, which includes access to a Metropoly NFT and Metropoly Beta, among other rewards. The quality and quantity of the rewards depend on the investors’ contribution, as well as their timing.

More significant tiers of the Platinum Member’s Club offer benefits like cashback on rental income, as well as real estate NFTs, worth up to $10,000.

The real estate platform has notable security measures to help combat the recent attacks on crypto. SolidProof, a blockchain security company, has verified Metropoly’s contract code while CertiK, a smart contract security firm, has authenticated the team members’ identities.

New Liquid Token Fund Has Raised Over $100 Million:

DeFiance Capital, a crypto investment firm, has reportedly raised $100 million for a liquid token fund.

Founded in 2020 by Arthur Cheong, a crypto investor, DeFiance Capital operates as a Web3 and crypto-focused firm. The company claims that it has had many successful investments thus far across Web3 gaming, DeFi, and infrastructure space.

DeFiance Capital has backed some notable projects, including Lido, Layer Zero, Arbitrum, Aave, dYdz, Axie Infinity, and others.

DeFiance Capital had once described itself as a sub-fund and share class of Three Arrows Capital. However, after 3AC collapsed last June, the company claims now to be an entirely independent and separate crypto-focused investment fund.

The company’s liquid token fund aims to grab up tokens that are currently trading below venture round valuations.

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